Event: June 30th- Moms Across America

Tomorrow, Thursday June 30th, we will be welcoming Moms Across America Founder, Zen Honeycutt, at The Commissary for a great event. The event will take place directly after our normal Thursday drop off (which runs from 4-7 PM) starting promptly 7PM and ending at 9 PM. Moms Across America is a nonprofit organization that is traveling across the country to raise awareness about GMOs, empowering leadership, and creating healthy communities. This event will be hosted by The Commissary, Snowville Creamery, and Recycle Pots and Pans and it is free to attend. Come join us to welcome Zen Honeycutt and enjoy light refreshments afterwards. We hope to see you there!

The Commissary is located at 1400 Dublin Road in Columbus.Moms Across America


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