Northeast Ohio: May 20th Countryside Conservancy Drop-Off

We are just under two weeks away from a drop-off event with Countryside Conservancy!

Last year, we held a drop-off event at the Howe Meadow Farmers’ Market and had such great success that we are having another one on May 20th! We will be at Howe Meadow to collect any donations of kitchen items for the whole duration of the market (9 AM – 12 PM). If you are in the Northeast Ohio area, this is a great opportunity for you to de-clutter your kitchen and check out Countryside Conservancy’s great Howe Meadow market!

We will have volunteers on-site to help carry any heavy boxes or bags with kitchen item donations, if needed!

Check out our Partner Profiles here to read about one of our newer partnerships with Hattie’s Food Hub, one of the organizations that will benefit from this drop-off event!

We are looking forward to this great event, and we hope to see you there!

If you have any questions, please contact us via email at or call us 330.715.4140!


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