Upcoming Event: Drop Off at Howe Meadow 8/4/18

This summer we were fortunate to spend lots of time with Countryside Conservancy, we have had two drop offs already (one at Howe Meadow in May, the other at Highland Square in July) and we have our final drop off event with Countryside coming up on August 4th!

However, this is not our final drop off for the season! We will be at Main Street Wadsworth Farmers Market for our final drop off event on September 8th.

We will be at Howe Meadow from 9-12 on August 4th to collect any kitchen item donations. We will be located right outside the entrance of the market with volunteers on site to help carry boxes or bags from your cars!

Not familiar with how our drop off events work? Here’s how it goes: You grab your friends, sort through your old, used, kitchenware, and bring it to the market in boxes or bags. You find us at the market, we will have volunteers on site to help carry boxes or bags from your cars to ours. You drop off your donated items, collect your tax deductible receipt, if desired, and shop the market!

Can’t make it to any of our drop offs? Remember, you can always drop off to us at 632 Temple Ave, Kent, OH 44240 at any time! Just leave your donated items under the red awning if we’re not there! Or for the Columbus area, drop off to us at 1400 Food Lab during normal business hours.


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