Back This Holiday Season With Recycling Pots and Pans

Recycling Pots and Pans has given so many blessings to so many people and families. People drop off kitchen supplies and any silverware they have left over to help people in need. Then volunteers at the organization go through what’s given to them and decide what can be given to the needy and what can be given to thrift stores. This organization has given families a chance to feel together again. The pans and pots go to the homeless and families in need. They give the opportunity to let a family sit down and have a meal together. Many poor families don’t get a chance to have a meal together because they don’t have enough room, supplies, or even a table. Recycling Pots and Pans gives families that chance to be a family again. They give them supplies to cook with, silverware to eat with, and plates to put their food on. Then a family can sit down together and reconnect. 

It’s so important to be with your family, especially as the holiday season is approaching. This is the time of the year when families put away the drama and negativity and come together to be happy and at peace. I know being with my whole family is the best moments of my life. Every family event or dinner I look forward to. I’m the happiest when I sit down with everyone and we just talk about life and how grateful we are to have each other. No one should be alone during the holidays or have limitations to resources that provide a meal to a family. Recycling Pots and Pans gives people their family back. Now, kids can help their parents cook a meal because they finally have supplies to do so. Just simple things like this make a huge difference. No, this will not solve all the problems for families in need, but it gives them a start, a little bit of happiness and hope can go such a long way.

From my experience helping out at Recycling Pots and Pans I’ve learned so much. To never take anything for granted, to be so appreciative for what you have. Yes, sometimes life is a struggle and I think that it couldn’t get worse than it is right now. But that’s not the truth, so many people and families have it so much worse than I do. Recycling Pots and Pans made me value my life and family so much more than I did before. The people who work there are so generous and giving it truly warmed my heart to be able to work with them. Giving back to the community and the less fortunate is such an important thing to do. Anyone can do it, its not hard or complex. Just take a small amount of time out of your day to go through things you have that you could get rid of. Because something not so important to you, could make a huge difference to someone in need. Being able to give back made me feel better as a person. Helping people is truly one of the best feelings in the world. Recycling Pots and Pans is such a generous organization that helps so many people. Maybe take some time today to stop by and drop off a few things, you could be making someone’s life a lot better.

Happy Holidays, 

Savannah Quinn

New volunteer Savannah and the rest of her family sharing a family meal during the holidays.

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