Beef and Noodles

Ever since I was a little kid I can always remember going to grandmas and having family dinners with my dads’ side of the family and I can always remember one constant through the years; My grandmas’ beef and noodles. They were always my favorite and I can remember going there for holiday, football games, and even after wrestling tournaments and they were always there, hot and ready to be devoured. When I started thinking about what goes all in to making the beef and noodles it shocked me to realize about how many resources were needed to make the meal. From the pots and pans need to cook the potatoes and noodles to the crock pots need to cook the beef. 

She first starts with a chicken broth that she puts in this great big pot that she cooks at a low heat on the stove. Then she uses a mixer to beat the potatoes and make then so rich and creamy. Then the crock pot marinates the meat for a few hours and by the time that that is finished the other food is ready to be eaten. Finally, we cut the roast beef into small chunks and lay it out on the table. I always like to get a huge scoop of mashed potatoes and make like a little volcanoes type thing to lay the noodles in. The meal is always fantastic and reminds me of my childhood every time. 

Over the course of my time a Recycling Pots and Pans, I think the thing that has made me most proud is the possible impact I could have made on others. Bringing the pots and pans so they too could enjoy the little delicacies that make life so grand. I hope that other people can dedicate just a small part of their time to help the dream of Abbe and the organization true and feed the mouths of many.

Happy Holidays,

Quentin Griffin

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