Recycle Pots and Pans Is The Place To Be

Doing community service for Recycling Pots and Pans was truly a great, humbling experience. I have never worked at a more welcoming, enjoyable place. Everyone you encounter is extremely nice and humbling. Just knowing that I’m helping so many needy families and people is such a great feeling while I’m working. People think of community service as pointless and boring. But I had so much fun while volunteering at this organization. I loved everyone I worked with, and most of all, I loved giving back to the community.

I thought it was important to pick a place to do community work for that actually makes a difference in the community, and I couldn’t have picked a better organization to work at. The work I did at Recycling Pots and Pans wasn’t hard, but it was so meaningful. I haven’t heard of an organization that collects pots, pans, plates, and silverware and give them to people of need. So, when I did a little more research, I thought it was such a great idea. Families should be able to have a meal together every night, but sadly not all families can. Some families don’t have the proper supplies to cook, don’t have enough plates or silverware for the whole family, or some families don’t have any supplies at all. Recycling Pots and Pans makes being able to eat as a family possible again. 

It’s so heartwarming to know you’re helping so many people. That was the best part of my experience at RP&P’s. I haven’t done any work like this before, but now that I have it’s one of the best feelings I ever experienced. I will definitely keep going back to help because it’s such an easy way to help so many people and do so much good for the community. Everyone at the organization are all so kind and understanding. Everyone’s main focus is just helping others and the community. I think if there were a few more places like this one, a huge change could happen everywhere, not just in Kent. I will forever be thankful I got to volunteer at Recycling Pots and Pans, I’ve never experienced something so heartwarming with the kindest genuine people. I think more people should take some time out of their day to research volunteer work and help out the community in any way they can.

Happy Holidays,

Savannah Quinn

Recycled silverware and plates being used at a family function


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