What Volunteering Means To Me

Growing up I had the pleasure of volunteering for my local Salvation Army countless times with my High School basketball team. As a young teen I quickly learned way more about the world we live in today. This fall I had the opportunity to work with Abbe Turner and her organization “Recycle Pots and Pans.” There are so many people that come from very different situations and volunteering to help these families is one of the best decisions I could’ve made this fall. This has been a very humbling experience and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity Abbe gave me. Not only did I feel like I was doing good for my community, I also had a blast doing it. Typically kids dread doing community service but not me. I actually had a great time while doing things for a great cause and I’d most definitely come back to volunteer for this amazing organization. 

During this holiday season there are going to be a lot of people in need for household items such as plates, silverware, and cups. I helped wash these household items and then they were soon donated to goodwill. I love what RP&P is doing and the consistency of their organization. Abbe is doing an amazing job running the organization and I am very excited to see so much more change in our community all thanks to her. 

Happy Holidays,

Christian Szalay


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