Wish List 2019

Christmas is right around the corner and you know what that means, PRESENTS! Christmas is one of the best times of the year because RP&P has the opportunity to help change peoples lives forever and can ensure that families in need can eat family meals together at the dinner table. This holiday season is all about giving as usual but in order to give to those in need, we must also have the supplies to do so. With the donations from all of our donors, it keeps us running a great non-profit organization to help impact the community in a positive way. 

Listed below is a short list of items we are politely asking to be donated one way or another so we can have the best materials to keep our company running better than ever. But please remember any donation is a good one. Items in need consist of:

  1. Rolling cart
  2. Industrial Shelving 
  3. Three-Bay Stainless Steel Sink
  4. Dish Soap, Towels, and Sponges
  5. Printing/ Marketing Materials
  6. Cargo Van for Pickups and Deliveries 
  7. Donated Media or Advertising Space
  8. Volunteers to Wash Dishes
  9. Gas Cards for Deliveries
  10. Large Cardboard Boxes

For anyone looking to donate please feel free to contact (330)-715-4140 or aturner@kent.edu. As always, have a great holiday this holiday season!


Christian Szalay


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