Spreading Holiday Cheer

As we approach the holidays, one of the things Pots and Pans wants to emphasize is the importance of being around the people you love. Whether it is continuing holiday traditions or starting new ones, it is important to surround yourself with your loved ones. At Pots and Pans, we prioritize the need to keep families together, and keep them fed. During the holidays, along with the rest of the year, it is very important to continue to donate at home needs, such as food, plates, pots, and much more in hopes to spread as much holiday joy as we can. 

Every Thanksgiving, my family will get together to have a nice meal, and enjoy our time together. My mom and I will spend the morning cooking for our family, and when they all get here we eat and play games, which is always very fun. I am especially excited for this Thanksgiving because I have not seen a lot of my extended family due to Covid and being away at school. Being together for the holidays is something I look forward to all year because I have a strong bond with my family, and I value them greatly.

 After volunteering at Pots and Pans, I want to spread the need to donate food and other necessities because everyone should be able to feel the holiday cheer. Instead of throwing away old plates and pans, I would suggest donating them, because you do not know how much it could benefit someone else. Donating old utensils and food can help bring other families together this holiday season.


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