The Need

Studies show that when kids eat meals with their families, they are more likely to have a nutritious diet, healthy weight and better school performance.

Our foodbanks are doing a heroic job of providing food to those in need. But the food often goes to homes without the tools required to prepare and enjoy food at home – pots, pans, plates, silverware, utensils. Recycle Pots & Pans was developed to address by collecting and redistributing gently used cooking items to those in need.

Since its inception in 2011 Recycle Pots & Pans volunteers have distributed more than 130 complete kitchen sets to individuals making transitions from shelters and other temporary housing to more permanent residences.

Please help us to keep moving forward by donating to or volunteering. Are you or is someone you know an empty nester? Transitioning to a smaller home or assisted living? Settling an estate? Life changes can allow you to identify a surplus of stuff that others can use. Clean out your cupboards, shop garage sales, and ask your friends to do the same! We will gladly pick up multiple items from homes and restaurants. We are committed to sustainability; our goal is zero waste. If we can’t use something that is donated, we recycle it or give it to another charitable organization that can.


One thought on “The Need

  1. I am transitioning from being a “stay at home mom”, taking care of his house and kids. To being alone. I have the basic dishes, but did not get to keep my glass mixing bowls or my glass measuring cup. I did not get to keep my cast iron pans or my pasta pot and colander, or my pitcher or my wooden cutting board.. or my knives… I am on SSI and it would be a very long time before I can get that kind of kitchen back together again. How do I go about receiving assistance from this program?

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