Community Refugee and Immigration Service (CRIS)

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Community Refugee and Immigration Service (CRIS) is a non-profit agency serving to help refugees and immigrants integrate and achieve self-sufficiency in the central Ohio community. Over the course of twenty years, CRIS has grown to meet the evolving needs of the community, expanding its services to include legal, language, employment, family, and resettlement assistance.

The CRIS Resettlement Program aids clients who have been approved by the United States government to enter the country as refugees. In addition to providing safe, affordable housing and a food allowance, CRIS equips refugees with other basic necessities, including kitchenware. In partnering with Recycle Pots & Pans, CRIS sources its kitchen items from donors in the same community where their refugee clients are being resettled.


Freedom a la Cart
Freedom a la Cart is at once a community-based support program for adult survivors of human trafficking and a full-service catering company. Working primarily with participants of CATCH Court, a specialized Columbus docket providing treatment-oriented rehabilitation for rearrested prostitutes, Freedom a la Cart facilitates a “Path to Freedom” for its clients.

Beyond providing dignified work opportunities and professional development through the catering business, the Freedom mission is centered on building healthy life skills and providing the resources needed for a sustainable, independent future. A partnership with Recycle Pots & Pans helps provide transitioning human trafficking survivors with kitchen essentials and tools for a self-sufficient and triumphant return to society.




NNEMAP Food Pantry, Inc., one of the largest food pantries in Franklin County, is a cooperative ministry of over 30 churches distributing food and assistance to families in need living in the near northside of Columbus. The food pantry provides more than 29,000 people with a three-day supply of food twice a month. Partnering with Recycle Pots & Pans allows the organization to provide neighbors in need of a hand up with not just food but also the tools they need to cook healthy meals for their families.


Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services


Tewahedo means “come to unity” or “to become one” in the ancient Ethiopian language. Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services works to strengthen families by assisting immigrant and refugee families in Central Ohio improve the quality of their lives. ETSS offers education, training, supportive services and self-development opportunities. A central goal is to help families develop and maintain healthy eating and fitness habits, and through partnership with Recycle Pots and Pans is able to help equip kitchens with the cookware needed to prepare healthy meals at home.


 The Furniture Bank

The Furniture Bank of Central Ohio provides struggling families with furniture. Families and individuals who are financially unstable, currently or recently unemployed, or have employment challenges can be helped by The Furniture Bank. Their mission is to ensure Ohio families have furniture for their homes.

No child should have to sleep on the floor, if you have furniture you are willing to donate, contact the Furniture Bank and they will pick it up. Recycle Pots and Pans helps to set these families who receive furniture to also receive items to cook meals.



The YWCA of Columbus is an organization that offers an emergency shelter and services for homeless families in the area. The YWCA’s goal is to be able to help families find somewhere to live within three weeks of coming into the shelter.

The organization offers help with meals, help with finding housing or jobs, registering for things like food stamps or social security benefits, and childcare for working or job searching parents. Recycle Pots and Pans helps this organization by providing utensils to make meals when the family is able to move into a home.



Safer Futures

Safer Futures is an organization located in Ravenna, Ohio that strives to lessen the scope of domestic violence in the county. The organization stands as a link to shelter, support, legal advocacy, and referrals for those at risk or suffering from domestic violence.

Safer Futures strives to make a difference by helping those affected by domestic violence and reduce the amount of domestic violence occurring in Portage County.


Freedom House

Freedom House is an organization that offers transitional housing and support for veterans.  The house can hold up to 14 veterans at any time and the duration of the stay is usually around nine months depending on PMHA (Portage Metropolitan Housing Authority). Upon moving out of the Freedom House, veterans are set up with the basic supplies for their new home from Recycle Pots & Pans as well as a furniture program based out of Ravenna.

While the Freedom House does not provide meals, they offer their residents access to a pantry and a kitchen to cook their own meals. The pantry has non-perishable items that come in through donations. By partnering with Recycle Pots & Pans, Freedom House is able to give residents the opportunity to make their own meals in the house, as well as to assist veterans when moving of the Freedom House and into a more permanent residence.


Miller House

The Miller House offers a 30-day shelter for men, women and children going through a housing crisis. These individuals or families have access to help finding housing, education, jobs, and can assist with counseling, financial planning, and more. The Miller House uses area resources and collaborative agencies.

If an individual or family is elligible to live in the Miller House, they will have access to all of programs and help. Recycle Pots and Pans helps to provide cooking utensils for those who are able to move into more permanent housing.


Cleveland Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center

Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center (DVCAC) is what used to be two separate organizations, the Domestic Violence Center and Bellflower Center for Prevention of Child Abuse. The DVCAC’s goal is to end domestic violence and child abuse by advocating for justice, empowering individuals, and educating people about it.

The center offers programs and services to victims of abuse and asks for help to continue to grow. They strive to raise awareness, offer meals to heal those effected, and educate the community about domestic violence and child abuse.


International Institute

The International Institute of Akron is an organization that assists new Americans to be welcomed and make Akron their home. They provide programs for new citizens of America to be integrated into our society and culture.

The institute offers programs that help with education, including GED classes, financial literacy, interpretation, and more.

Miss Liberty House

Miss Liberty House

Miss Liberty House is designed to empower female veterans and any children they might have by providing housing and specialized resources. They help with developing life skills, job readiness, housing, counseling, and more to take care of these individuals.

The house is located in Ravenna and focuses on self-empowerment. Recycle Pots and Pans helps this organization by providing kitchen items to those who are able to move out and into new homes.

Valor Home

Valor Home is a home for veterans who have served and are now experiencing homelessness. President Obama’s administration had a plan to eliminate veteran homelessness and the Valor Home is a result of that plan.

Valor Home offers things like art therapy as well as other programs and services to help the veterans who live in Valor Home.

Haven of Rest

Haven of Rest is located in Akron and is a Christian based organization which serves the homeless in Summit, Portage, Medina, Stark, Tuscarawas, Wayne, and Holmes counties. They strive to meet the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of the homeless.

Haven of Rest takes care of many needs by offering meals, clothing, and shelter to those in need. Once individuals and families get back on their feet, they have aftercare programs to support lives without addictions.

Women’s Center at Kent State University

The Women’s Center at Kent State University offers support, resources and referrals for students and faculty of Kent State in regards to women’s health, academic and personal issues. Included in this is a food pantry for students who struggle with food insecurity to be able to have access to food.

Recycle Pots and Pans helps the Women’s Center at Kent State University by providing a shelf full of kitchen items for those in need to choose from, to use, and to keep. Because of this, those in need can cook a meal using their kitchen items and food items from the center.

Battered Women’s Shelter

Battered Women’s Shelter of Summit and Medina Counties supports families or individuals who are at risk of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. They offer emergency services and support to those affected by family violence.

The organization focuses on intervention and prevention of family violence. Recycle Pots and Pans can help this organization by providing them with kitchen items to use in the shelter and for those who are able to move out of the emergency shelter offered by the organization.

Women Safe

Women Safe is a domestic violence shelter and resource center that offers emergency shelter and support for those who have experienced domestic violence in the Northeast Ohio area. Their goal is to reduce domestic violence and raise awareness about it.

Women Safe offers 24-hour support, counseling, art therapy, education, and aftercare. Recycle Pots and Pans helps to provide kitchen items for those who have been able to move out and live outside of the shelter again.

Community Action Council

The Community Action Council of Portage County (CAC) is the designated anti-poverty agency for Portage County to battle the War on Poverty. The CAC is made to help families and individuals who are in poverty.

Programs that are offered by CAC include utility assistance, energy and housing, after school, learning centers, and summer food service programs.

Ursuline Piazza

Ursuline Piazza is an organization that works to help those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. They offer emotional and social support as well as transportation services, linking to resources in the community. Through their links to resources in the community, individuals have access to benefits, case management, housing management and education.

If set up with housing from housing management, Recycle Pots and Pans assists to set up these individuals with kitchen ware to use in their new homes.

Salvation Army, Akron

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The Salvation Army is an organization that is a part of the Christian Church. They aim to meet human needs by providing food, clothing and shelter for those who are in need of it. Along with offering basic needs, The Salvation Army offers to provide counseling, educational programs, support groups, and spiritual support.

Recycle Pots and Pans assists The Salvation Army by providing kitchen items to people who have stayed in the provided shelter and are now able to move into their own homes.

Cleveland Food Project

The Cleveland Food Project helps to make food accessible for everyone and close the gap on food insecurity. In industrial cities, there are patterns of food insecurity. The Cleveland Food Project aims to help bring food to those who do not have it and Recycle Pots and Pans helps by bringing the utensils necessary to prepare and cook the food provided.

The Homeless Families Foundation

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Cudell Cooking Club

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Hattie’s Food Hub

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Hattie’s Food Hub is a place in Akron that focuses on the importance of local foods, sustainability, and assisting others. The Food Hub supports Northeast Ohio farmers and food producers by offering a place to sell what they make or grow directly to the Akron community.  The facility is dedicated to being sustainable; they are part of a sustainable agriculture loop that strives to reduce carbon emissions and aims to increase recycling and composting. Hattie’s also has a farm-to-table work training program for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

By partnering with Recycle Pots and Pans, Hattie’s Food Hub is able to not only supply fresh, local foods to those in Akron, but it also offers a shelf of kitchen essentials to enable those in need to prepare a meal with some of the foods they might pick up at the Food Hub.

Unfortunately, in August 2017, Hattie’s Food Hub closed permanently. As sad as it was to see them go, we were very appreciative for all they did and all that they helped us to accomplish.

Kent Social Services

Kent Social Services is an organization and facility that serves the city of Kent and Franklin Township.  Hot meals are offered to individuals in need at no cost. KSS’s facility also supplies a place for individuals to socialize and relax. Educational programs and referral services are offered to help these individuals. They supply 25,000 meals each year as well as distributing 10,000 bags of groceries. Groceries can be accessed for those who meet certain eligibility requirements.

While Kent Social Services supplies these groceries to the community, Recycle Pots and Pans helps by providing the proper kitchen utensils to assist in preparing the meals made from these groceries.

Portage Animal Protection League

The Portage Animal Protective League works to provide shelter for animals that are abused, neglected, or abandoned. Located in the Ravenna, Portage APL finds homes for 400-500 cats and 300 to 350 dogs each year.

Recycle Pots and Pans occasionally brings in items that our typical partnering agencies cannot use. In our attempt to keep items out of landfills, we work to find someone that can use the things we get that we cannot use. In the case that things such as dog or cat bowls come through to us, we partner with Portage APL to help us achieve our goal of zero waste.


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The Warriors Project

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The Warriors Project is a nonprofit organization that specializes in treatment and detox placement of those with addictions. They treat addiction by helping those addicted and their families through faith to reclaim our communities one person at a time.

Recycle Pots and Pans works to make sure those affected by the disease of addiction have access to kitchen items to help get them back to a healthier life.

Nehemiah Partners of Sandusky


The Nehemiah Partners of Sandusky is on a mission to Encourage, Empower, and Educate children to reach their full potential. They use a faith based approach to provide a safe and engaging environment for the children in their community to grow.  They offer educational and faith services as well as activities, mentoring, and guidance to promote the well being of kids in the Sandusky area.

Recycle Pots and Pans has been able to help the Nehemiah Partners by supplying kitchen equipment for their after school meal program for the children.


Staten Island Hurricane Relief

Recycle Pots and Pans was able to help the Staten Island Hurricane Relief by sending kitchen items to those effected by the hurricane.